Photo of Rupert Murdoch, at the top it says FOX NEWS and below "A billionaire hires millionaires to explain to the middle class that all their problems come from poor people."



Witches, please thank M&M’s, Quickbooks Accounting, MasterBuilders, Oporto, PayPal and Oz Lotto, who all stopped advertising in Australia’s hate media more than 100 days ago. We’re grateful to them for their support and hope you’ll thank them and support them too, if you can.

We did it, witches.

We hit our milestone, and right on roughly the target we set for ourselves.

Yes, this campaign is progressing a bit slower than the Alan Jones one. But that’s to be expected, since the awareness and knowledge of Murdoch’s fuckery in this country is lower than it was with Jones, and the outrage therefore more muted. Those of you who’ve been following along with us for years are aware of the depth of depravity and hate this man’s publications display on a daily fucking basis, but the actual WOW factor which was there with Jones is largely absent.

This is why reaching this number of witchdrawn advertisers is so significant. SO huge. And why we must, must keep going with this until we reach 500 out, a thousand out, and more. So many that he won’t be able to resist the tsunami of phone calls from businesses large and small frantically cancelling their advertising with him lest they be further tainted with his lies and fuckery.

And when that day comes, we will move Australia one very big step closer to being a fairer, kinder and more equitable country for all.

This is why we’ve been working so hard to bring you the next phase of our Murdoch attack. We’re still on schedule to unveil this next week, after we work through last-minute legal and other administrative hiccups. We thank you for your patience and for sticking with us through what’s been an arduous and frustrating process.We MUST do this, if we can. Record heatwaves in North America this past week and now wildfires destroying towns in the same locations demonstrate the sheer, mind-blowing urgency of forcing our government to change tack on climate. Or better yet, voting them the fuck out and bringing in governments who will throw everything at repairing the planet for our children and our friends’ children. It’s past time – way, way past time. If you’re not sure of just how bad our federal government is, read this link, which explains how Australia is LAST out of 193 UN countries in climate action. Not last in the OECD or last in the Pacific region or last of the relatively wealthy democracies, but stone, motherless LAST:

And the only way we will ensure we get rid of #NewsCorp as soon as fucking possible is to get rid of the billionaire despots still forcing these fascist, anti-climate governments on us via their outrageous fucking lies.

We can do it. Together. This witchy collective will achieve more than you know, if you can maintain your support and dig in for the long haul.

We’re gonna tell you a little secret, witches. A well-known Australian feminist was talking with one of our Admins a few weeks ago, and told her that she had been speaking with a very well known ex-Premier of one of Australia’s biggest states. That Premier told her – completely unprompted – that he knew some of Murdoch’s senior people and they were extremely worried about we witches and our campaign. That their income is being impacted and they’re trying to shore up their advertiser base before we cut their profits too deeply. We didn’t even know this Premier was even aware of our existence, let alone that he was following our campaign and cheering us on from the sidelines. But he is.

We’re doing more, collectively, than we even know. And it’s already hurting them more than even we’re aware, witches. We intend to hurt them even more, if we can. With your help.

Today, witches, we asked a question on our Facebook. If you support us financially or have in the past, please tell us in the thread why you do so. Not in general terms, but the specific reasons you believe we deserve your hard-earned cash. We want to know because our hard-working, thankless mods deserve a boost, and because we hope you can perhaps inspire those who haven’t yet made the leap to helping us with our work. Of course, we always understand that some witches simply can’t afford a donation but for those who can, we’d love to know why you do it, and what you’d say to others thinking of doing so but who just haven’t clicked that “donate” button yet.

As always, your witchy campaign links can be found on our ‘Campaign Page‘.

Now is the time, witches.

And we are the people.

Let’s. Fucking. Go.
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