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MFW Campaigns

MFW’s campaigns work because they involve asking companies and individuals not to fund or support media hate speech.

We do this via collective consumer boycotts. Essentially, our volunteers and workers record all advertisers for offending media organisations, and thousands of witches use these databases to boycott those organisations and to also boycott companies which provide or sell anti-democratic content to their customers, staff, clients or patients.

We started running our witchy campaigns in 2019, when we organised a large force of witches to make Sydney shock-jock Alan Jones to either change his ways or leave 2GB radio after he stated that NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern should have a “sock shoved down her throat” and should receive a few “backhanders” from Scott Morrison. In May 2020, this campaign succeeded beyond our wildest dreams when he left his job in ignominy. This huge achievement meant Jones wasn’t on air at 2GB when COVID19 hit, and  may have contributed to saving many lives amongst his (mostly elderly) listeners since he was unable to spread his lies about the virus.

Since then we’ve run similar campaigns targeting others spreading misogyny or racism, and have caused people with public profiles including Sam Newman, Pauline Hanson, Pete Evans and Eddie McGuire to be censured and removed from their microphones.

Now, we’ve set our sights much higher, by working together to force Rupert Murdoch and his News Limited company to change their fake reporting and outrageous spreading of misinformation. This is a huge undertaking, but someone has to do it.

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Every single advertiser who pays advertising dollars to a company which spreads dangerous anti-science rhetoric, hate speech, fake news and lies is complicit in the spread of that information.

No longer can such companies say their dollars are separate from their values: we insist that if they say they have ethics and care about their customers, staff and suppliers, then their responsibility is to ensure their money only goes to media organisations with morals and a social conscience.

If they refuse to take responsibility for these issues, we will call them out and advise our followers of who they are and what they’re funding. They should be on notice.

How much does the possibility of a better world matter to you?

Most Australians who are angry about the blatant, distressing problems in our politics and media complain about their concerns to friends and family and on social media, but only a small percentage tend to take concrete action. Yet without a commitment to action, we will not materially change our collective futures.

The harder we work, the more successful we will be.

The more we commit to action, the sooner we will make change.

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