Imagine a world without misogyny

Dismantling misogyny and patriarchy makes strange bedfellows at times. And so it is here, with MFW highlighting a new book just released by NewsCorp journo Michael Warner to set out what’s been going on at AFL House. And referencing pieces from The Australian – normally something we’d never do – and people like Jeff Kennett, who’ve also spent past weeks championing some of the women at the centre of this long-standing fucking debacle.

If you go into our databases, you’ll see we’ve added a new list for you to use. Called #AntiFemaleLeague, this lists all the AFL’s current sponsors. We’re asking witches to contact these sponsors to tell them we’ll stop patronising them (if possible) if they don’t demand the AFL change their ways or alternatively, stop supporting them and their anti-female league. We will spread the word to others if they do.

friends and foes list for this cause
Our Databases

Our #AntiFemaleLeague Database

Go to our “Campaign Database” then to the #AntiFemaleLeague tab at the top of that document. Our database lists the name and contact details of businesses who sponsor the Australian Football League.

– The database contains multiple ways to contact sponsors, henceforth called ‘FOES,’ there are email addresses, website contact forms and social media and we ask witches to contact them directly.

– Explain why they MUST stop sponsoring the #AFL and if you need some help with what to say to them, our social feeds and the Witches can help.

– If you get a reply to your direct contact and they say they’ll stop sponsoring the #AFL, then let us know via our socials or using ‘Get In Touch’ on this website and our Witchy volunteers will move them to the FRIENDS list. MFW will probably do a whole post on them, encouraging Witches to actively use their business.

– Alternatively, if companies reply that they will not stop supporting the #AFL or perhaps they’ll take our points onboard, but will keep sponsoring the #AFL, let us know that too. You can do that via our contact page or via our social media.



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