#MurdochFreeWorld App Launched

We’re thrilled and proud today to announce the launch of our new #MurdochFreeWorld App. Here’s the link:


Thanks to the generosity of this brilliant witchy community, we’ve raised not only enough funds to build this App, but to be confident we’ve the minimum funds required to pay the staff needed for the upkeep of it for several months. Huge thanks go to every single witch who helped build an initiative which is, as far as we know, the first of its type in the world.
Now it’s up to all of us to use it, share it, and help Australia get to a place no longer in the grip of the hate, lies and shameful horror of the the media enablers who’ve let this country sink so far, so fast on so many indicators of justice, democracy, and climate action.
Please be aware the App is not in its final form. The struggle to complete it within a reasonable time frame and the fact that it’s more than a month past the date we said we’d have it for you means our developers haven’t completed all features yet to the standard we’d prefer. The job was bigger than any of us expected, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be as great as we have all imagined. Yet because of the unfortunate delays so far, we’ve decided to get it up then fix what’s still wrong.
Here are some issues you may find:
1. Some advertisers aren’t in the databases yet, as it’s taken so long to compile the individual contact details for every outlet of some of the larger companies: a huge job we didn’t sufficiently anticipate. We’ll re-boot all the data in coming weeks to update to the full lists;
2. There are still some mistakes in our data, because it was hurriedly compiled years ago by a team of untrained (but wonderful) volunteers and we’re now finishing the painstaking work of checking every single entry. If you find errors, please use the App to notify us of these;
3. Some features aren’t turned on or working properly yet because the separation of advertisers into different categories (also a huge job) isn’t finished. In particular the Campaign tab (where we’ll separate advertisers into different campaigns such as #NewsCorpse, #SewerRATS and so on) isn’t operational yet;
4. The only companies yet listed as FRIENDS in the App are those who’ve advertised with #NewsCorpse at one time and now no longer do so. We haven’t before listed companies who’ve never advertised on any of the media we target but if you own, work for or know of such companies please use the App to advise and we’ll add them to the databases as soon as we can;
5. We’re still finalising instructions for the App user information tab, but these should be finished by next week: if you have trouble operating the App, please wait for these to be finished;
6. We’ve applied for the App to be available on the Apple Store and Android equivalent, but these permissions aren’t approved yet. For now, save a website icon to your device and we’ll advise when permissions are through;
7. The App seems to be glitchy on some devices and in some places, and we’re still fixing persistent bugs. Let us know if you find anything you think isn’t working: however, please try on another device first to ensure the issue isn’t your device or method of use (and be aware it may not work as intended if you’ve Location Services or similar disabled on your device); and
8. As well as completing the work above, we’re now already moving forward on amendments and improvements to the App which have come to light since we started building it. We’ll announce exciting new additions to come as soon as we can.
Tomorrow morning, we’ll post again on another aspect of the development of this App which will be of great interest to many witches. Stay tuned for that update.
For now, please have a play around with what we’ve built with your incredible support. Most witches will be able to immediately start using this App to boycott advertisers and get in touch with them to tell them why, and we hope you’ll share with us on our threads how you’re using it and which companies you’ve either avoided using or are happily using more. We need your feedback to make this into the best fucking campaign it can be, so please get – and stay – on board.
Finally, be aware in coming weeks we’re facing a huge increase in our behind the scenes workload to get this right and respond to your input. If you’d like to help us pay more staff to perfect the App more quickly so its use can spread further, please use the donation information at the bottom of this post or via our website at www.mfw.org.au.
Witches, we built this App together, and together we’ll all use it to try to change Australia, and who knows, maybe further afield. Not many people can say they made a difference, but every single mad fucking witch proudly can.
Let’s GO.
[ID: Screenshot of the first login page of the Murdoch Free World App.]
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