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Templates and other materials for our witches

Many Witches ask for suggestions about what to say in emails to advertisers for the MFW campaigns. We’ve long resisted providing such templates, because we believe 100 original emails make more impact than 100 emails which say exactly, or nearly the same thing.

However, we do agree that 500 emails have more impact than 100 original emails, even if they do have similarities. So if you can’t think of what to write to an advertiser via email or using a Facebook or Twitter message, please feel free to use this mock-up either in its entirety or to let it serve as inspiration for your original thoughts. The more witches who actually send advertisers a message, the quicker our campaign works!


Let’s make Melbourne, Australia and the World Murdoch Free

Below you will find flyers to distribute in your own town and state. Take them to any cafes, restaurants, fast-food joints, supermarkets, newsagents, medical premises, schools, universities … and anywhere else which sells or provides Murdoch content to its patrons and customers. It’s not our witchy way to damage or destroy the papers where they belong to others, but to persuade those providing it that they must stop. Google how Liverpool did it, and get your spiel ready.

Don’t know what to say? There’s a page of quotes you can download below, so get your argument ready. Take notes. Then choose your outlets to talk to.

Get a business to go Murdoch Free and, even better, nominate them as a Murdoch Free Business, get a photo of their #MurdochFreeWorld Flier on their wall, with or without their staff and go to the ‘Report a Business’ page to let us know.

We’re getting the advertisers out of Murdoch’s papers and off Sky News. Now, let’s get the media itself out of businesses. Let’s stop people reading it and stop people buying it.

Let’s make Melbourne, Australia and the World Murdoch Free!!

Are you in?

Murdoch Free World for business (PDF)

Murdoch Free World for individuals (PDF)

Murdoch Free World quotes (PDF)

Report a Business as Murdoch Free

A quick email template

I’m writing today to protest, in the strongest possible terms, XXXXXXX’s continuing support of NewsCorp newspapers through your advertising.

I have become aware through the MFW lobby group that, despite NewsCorp’s persistent racist, misogynist, and politically divisive editorial, XXXXXX is one of their fast-dwindling number of clients.

My family and I have been loyal XXXXXX clients for many years. [This section needs to be personalised: what did you buy, how often, where, how much have you spent with them, and so on.]

I am horrified that, in some small way, the XXXXXXX dollars I pay to XXXXXXX has gone towards supporting NewsCorp and, in particular, this disgraceful content [personalise here too]. I have attached a copy for your information [personalise here too, or leave out].

Whether you like it or not, your financial support of NewsCorp is an endorsement of the systemic racism, misogyny, climate-denial and COVID19-denial of this media corporation. Their abhorrent content makes Australia less safe for all of us, now and into the future, and the longer you pay them to publish misinformation and offensive content, the more you are part of the problem. Organisations like MFW are making it widely known to tens of thousands of decent Australians that XXXXXXX, among other companies, are complicit.

If you have not been compelled to review your advertising contracts prior to this, may I suggest their deeply offensive [personalise here for the content you want to address] should be the catalyst for you to sever all ties to NewsCorp.

Yours Sincerely,

To Your Brooms

If you care about your own future and that of others, get on board