It’s time, witches. Because We DEFINITELY Need To Talk About NewsCorp.


It’s time, witches. Because We DEFINITELY Need To Talk About NewsCorp.
Time to listen to the zoom chat on this crucial topic our founder Jennie Hill recorded with ex-PM Kevin Rudd and Thérèse Rein on your behalf, as part of our new-look MFW as we roll witchily into 2021.
It’s a one-hour walk through topics as diverse as our Alan Jones campaign (and what it meant for Australia); what damage Murdoch is causing and why it’s so important to get involved; our respective #NewsCorpse and #MurdochRoyalCommission campaigns; and much, much more. You might laugh – look, you might even cry – but you’ll be nothing if not entertained and informed.
Be aware you can turn captions on if you need to. Enjoy.
If you’ve got any comments to make during or after you’ve viewed the video, whack them in this thread. We’d love to hear what you think and where you think we all need to go as we scream into 2021.
If you enjoyed or learned from this event, we’d so appreciate your financial support. We’ve had a team of six people (four of them total volunteers) working for many hours to bring you this event tonight, and if you reckon this had entertainment value for you – or if you’re now more clear on just how vital the work we’re doing to stop Murdoch is – please consider a donation. The more we have, the more we can do for you, and for everyone who cares about taking back our democracy.
The more of us who talk about Murdoch and the more of us who fight his evil, the better off we’ll all be. Let’s go.