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Our Campaigns

For our collective witchy campaigns to work, every Witch needs to get involved. Rather than whining or collapsing in despair, our best option is to fight back.

Witches tell us all the time that taking action on our campaigns feels better than wallowing in sadness, despair and pain. We can confirm this is true. It feels good to give yourself a reason for hope, to believe you’re doing something your children and all children will thank you for. This is why we do the work.

Australia once had a diverse and independent media which supported our democracy and it can be the same again.

Let’s rewrite our future, Witches. Join in one or all of our campaigns.

#NewsCorpse Campaign

Let's make a #MurdochFreeWorld.

For far too long, Murdoch’s NewsCorp media has adversely influenced the public narrative in Australia and around the world, channeling dangerous myths and lies into millions of homes and businesses, and pushing an anti-climate, anti-progressive agenda which has turned this country from one people considered ‘lucky’ into one where none but the richest and most privileged benefit. Murdoch’s not in the news business, he’s in the advertising business so help us hit him where it hurts with our #NewsCorpse Campaign.

Image shows a group of protesters from behind, some with their hands up and a white sign being held aloft saying ENOUGH in black.

Are you in?

How does #NewsCorpse work?

  • Witches ask advertisers to stop funding #NewsCorpse
  • Witches ask businesses to stop supplying #NewsCorpse to clients and customers
  • Witches use their consumer dollars to send the message




Witches are watching.

In this campaign, we’re putting Australian media outlets and businesses on notice. Witches are watching.

It’s not just Murdoch, other mainstream media companies push their own anti-democracy agendas and employ shock jock announcers in full knowledge they’ll say something offensive. It’s also now more important than ever we hold this federal Government to account at the next election. Elements of the media refuse to ask the tough questions and companies support them, mostly in the form of donations. And don’t even get us started on the companies who took JobKeeper payments and then made record profits and paid millions in bonuses. It makes them all complicit in the ongoing corruption and lack of morals and decency in our society. 


Image of a woman with dark hair and makeup smudged around her eyes, holding a piece of white paper in her hands covering her lower face with a hand drawn smile on it.

Are you in?

How does #WitchWatch work?

  • Witches are uniting to call out un-Australian companies and media behaviour
  • Witches ask businesses to stop supporting this behaviour
  • Witches use their consumer dollars to send the message



#AntiFemaleLeague Campaign

It's time for action, not just words.

Witches, we’ve had enough.

Of the AFL and their bullying, misogynist treatment of women, that is.

So, we’ve decided to begin a new campaign – one which targets the advertisers and sponsors who prop up the boy’s club which mimics our federal government in so many ways in its hateful treatment of women and its silencing of those who try to hold it to account.

Image shows a crowd of people and a lot of their arms are in the air and they're flipping the finger ,,!,,

Are you in?


  • Witches contact the AFL Sponsors to ask them, to ask the AFL to do better
  • Witches ask businesses to stop supporting them otherwise
  • Witches use their consumer dollars to send the message



Does it work? Yes, it sure does!

More than 530 advertisers witchdrew from advertising on Alan Jones’ radio show before he left the station. This took five months to achieve, but it only took a couple of days of similar action to have other racist or misogynistic media commentators including Pete Evans and Eddie McGuire removed from their platforms.

Taking on Rupert Murdoch is harder, but we’ve already had more than 300 advertisers witchdraw.

It’s time to take it nuclear.

To Your Brooms

If you care about your own future and that of others, get on board