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Who the hell doesn’t?

Our consumer campaigns are at the heart of everything MFW does. For far too long, Murdoch’s NewsCorp media has adversely influenced the public narrative in Australia and around the world, by channeling dangerous myths and lies into millions of homes and businesses and pushing an anti-climate, anti-progressive agenda. This is why our largest campaign is called #NewsCorpse and is intended to send a message to Murdoch’s companies that their agenda of hate media is not tolerated.

To get started on taking part in the campaigns, log into the Campaign Database.

Depending on your device, you’ll first see a list of hashtags at the top or on the left-hand side of the page. These are MFW’s different campaigns. Choose the one you wish to participate in, select that campaign and you will be shown a list of advertisers we’re asking witches to boycott. You can email these companies or contact them via their social media addresses, and we encourage you to contact advertisers as often as possible to make your views known.

But that’s not all.

We call businesses which pay for advertising in Australia’s hate media, or which supply such media to their staff, customers or clients FOES. Those who refuse to do so or who have stopped doing so are called FRIENDS.

If you refuse to patronise businesses which fund hate media (and even more importantly, if you tell them why you’re doing this) some of those businesses may choose to advertise elsewhere. And if you heavily patronise those businesses which DO divest from advertising in hate media (as a thank-you for their commitment to a better future for all of us), they’ll be motivated to keep away from advertising with such media.

The only companies which will thrive in coming years are those whose values align with those of their customers, suppliers and staff. Make sure the companies you use fit your values and ethics.


The MFW Database is the perfect way to do this and the more people who use it, the faster we will change the world.

Are you in?

You can access our list here

This kind of collective action works, as it did with Alan Jones. We forced him and his employer to stop spreading hate, misogyny and lies.

While our main campaign now is to rid the world of Rupert Murdoch’s hate speech and lies, we also target some other media organisations. You’ll find within our database the different hashtag campaigns listed, as well as multiple ways to contact advertisers and advanced searches to assist you. We also supply email and poster templates to help, which can be found under the Campaign Resources tab at the bottom of this page.

#MurdochFreeWorld App

Does it work? Yes, it sure does!

More than 530 advertisers witchdrew from advertising on Alan Jones’ radio show before he left the station. This took five months to achieve, but it only took a couple of days of similar action to have other racist or misogynistic media commentators including Pete Evans, Eddie McGuire and Chris Smith removed from their platforms.

Taking on Rupert Murdoch is harder, but we’ve already had more than 500 advertisers witchdraw.

It’s time to take it nuclear.

Here’s what you can do to help MFW achieve our aims:

1. Contact businesses which advertise with hate media and ask them to stop. Choose 5 per day and write to them or call them, and boycott them if they refuse;

2. Talk to local businesses such as cafes, restaurants, medical surgeries, motels, hotels and schools if they stock or broadcast hate media for their staff, customers, clients or patients. Ask them to stop and boycott them if they refuse;

3. Donate to fund MFW’s crucial work, as it takes a huge amount of labour and organisation to keep up-to-date with this critical work;

4. Offer to volunteer to read or watch some hate media to record the advertisers; and/or

5. Tell your own circle of friends or followers about MFW, and get them involved.

Image appears to be of three people in a bar taking a group selfie. There is a man standing in the middle holding his drink, arms around the shoulders loosely of the two woman and he has a prosthetic leg. The woman on the left leans in posing with her drink up and the woman on the right leans into him pretending to drink and taking the photo with a phone.

Got a positive response? Awesome!

Let us know via our socials or the ‘Get In Touch’ link on the bottom of this page. Our Witchy volunteers will move them to the FRIENDS list.

Then sit back and watch our Witchdrawal database go up. And up. And up.

And all of it leading to a better – and Murdoch-free – planet.

To Your Brooms

If you care about your own future and that of others, get on board