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If you're not with us, you're against us

Image shows some of the friend or foe database

...Friend or Foe

Report a business to be added to the #MurdochFreeWorld database as a Friend or Foe.

The more businesses we have on the database, the bigger effect this campaign will have. So get involved!



Remember, for FRIENDS, you can grab a #MurdochFreeWorld flier from our ‘Campaign Resources’ page, print it out and give it to the business (or give them the link to print their own).

You can take a photo or get the business to do so, with the #MurdochFreeWorld flier on their wall.

You can get a screenshot of an email or message from the business stating they support a #MurdochFreeWorld or alternatively, they don’t and are therefore a FOE.

Our Witchy volunteers will take the information you send and put the business on the FRIENDS or FOES list. Witches can then use the database when deciding which companies goods and services to use.

Ask the business to put a post on their own social media too and tag MFW using the #MurdochFreeWorld hashtag!

To Your Brooms

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