Volunteering with MFW

We couldn't do what we do, without our Witchy volunteers

Image is black with flames and a quote from Alice Walker saying "The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any."

Witchy Volunteers

MFW relies on a group of compassionate Witchy volunteers who work behind the scenes to help us, and to help you, try to make this world a better place. Without these amazing Witches we simply could not do what we do.

People power can make change as MFW has proven in the past. Our Witchy volunteers show up to fight beside us, reading and watching endless media filled with hate speech, propaganda and lies, some dripping with misogyny, racism, bigotry, and anti-science rhetoric. They fill out endless data about advertisers, they help with websites, campaign plans, graphics and more, and we cannot thank each and every single Witchy volunteer, both currently active and past, enough.

Can you help?

Volunteers are needed

Here are the jobs we still need volunteers for Witches. We are looking for volunteers to help with reading or listening to any of these publications or shows:

– Foxtel
– Sky News
– Sunday Telegraph (NSW)
– NT News and/or Sunday Territorian Hardcopy & Online (NT)
– The Australian Weekend Edition (Sunday)
– The Australian
– Sunday Mail (QLD)
– Herald Sun Online (VIC)
– Sunday Herald Sun (VIC)
– 2GB – Ben Fordham (5:30-9:00 am weekdays)
– Real Estate (Online)
– Financial Review
– New York Post or Wall Street Journal (US) (hardcopy and online)
– Fox News (US) (hardcopy/online)
– The Sun (UK) (hardcopy/online)

– Video editor
– Graphic Designer

If you have skills you feel may be of assistance outside those listed above, please apply and simply check ‘other.’

Updated 1/6/2022

Image appears to be of three people in a bar taking a group selfie. There is a man standing in the middle holding his drink, arms around the shoulders loosely of the two woman and he has a prosthetic leg. The woman on the left leans in posing with her drink up and the woman on the right leans into him pretending to drink and taking the photo with a phone.

If you’ve had enough and want to get involved, to become an MFW Volunteer, please use the link below to fill out the volunteer onboarding form and someone will get back to you via Facebook or email, so keep an eye out for their message.

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