Why Murdoch?

Why do we want a Murdoch Free World?

MurdochFreeWorld Logo across a photo of Rupert Murdoch's mouth with an MFW logo in the corner. In the background are some headlines from NewsCorp "KICK THIS MOB OUT" and "DAN-MADE DISASTER"

Let us count the reasons.


Rupert Murdoch is the owner of News Corp, a media organisation with tentacles in television, newspapers, and film. He was brought up to believe that nothing is as important as making money, and his life has been dedicated to this even if the methods of achieving it threaten our very existence. Murdoch is aware that allowing his platforms and commentators to spread misinformation about climate change and COVID-19 is costing lives, yet does nothing to ensure the truth is told to the millions who absorb it. Why? The business model is built on fear and hatred because it sells.

In the countries where his media presence is strongest (UK, USA, Australia) there is increasing and widespread division which his media outlets play upon because advertisers know people watch and listen. Its platforms also help elect politicians who are sympathetic to his ‘money at all costs’ ideals by showing them in a favourable light, and ruin others’ careers by using negative innuendo or outright lies. This in turn ruins democracies and we end up with terrible governments. It is up to the rest of us to call this out because many still do not comprehend Murdoch’s influence and what he is doing to our planet. This is why the Murdoch Free World app was created. 

Australia was once a leader in climate action

Thanks to Murdoch, that is no longer true.

How Rupert Murdoch created the world's newest climate change villain


From the Dirty Power Burnt Country Final Report from Greenpeace.

“Climate denialism is significantly over-represented at News Corp and APN Newspapers.”

Dirty Power Burnt Country Final Report Download

Now Murdoch would have us believe he wants climate action

News Corp has unveiled a climate change series. What do experts make of it?

Murdoch has an effect on the political landscape in Australia

Making and breaking political careers.

Winning unwinnable elections

“By radiating authority rather than issuing instructions, Australia’s dominant media owner has been able to influence the tone, politics and direction of his native country for six decades using a technique calculated to make it look like he has no directive power at all.”

Murdoch’s power: how it works and how it debases Australia

COVID-19 misinformation and a protection racket for the Liberal Party.

“Murdoch and his editors operate one giant protection racket for the Liberal Party.”

Here's an example of the Murdoch method at work on Covid-19.

To Your Brooms

If you care about your own future and that of others, get on board