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Calling out companies for un-Australian behaviour?

While our main campaign push is to get rid of Murdoch’s hate speech and lies, MFW also run campaigns targeting other media and individuals in Australia who spread the same hate and lies. These campaigns are varied and some of them will be more important to some witches than others.

At present we include advertisers from media organisations, programs and individuals including but not limited to:

– Radio stations 2GB and 3AW,

– Channel 10’s “The Project”,

– Channel 9’s “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire”,

– Companies associated with selling Pete Evans’s merchandise,

– Companies associated with spreading lies about COVID19, with deliberately contravening COVID19 rules and/or with keeping JobKeeper funds even though their profits rose; and

– Companies who fund the Australian Liberal-National Party’s lies by supplying large donations to that political party.

Have a look at our lists and if you see the names of media organisations or advertising companies you’d like to contact to object to what they say or fund, please do.


#WitchWatch friends and foes
Our Databases

This campaign operates in the same way as our #NewsCorpse campaign – it just targets different companies and media organisations to our main #NewsCorpse push.

To get involved, simply log into our ‘OUR DATABASES’, then to the #WitchWatch tab at the top. These lists, which are regularly updated by our witchy volunteers, show the name and contact details of the companies and media outlets supporting the companies, organisations and individuals our supporters feel strongly about talking to. Simply choose those you’d like to speak to and use our information to get in touch with them. Or, use the info to avoid buying their products and services. Or both!



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To ensure safety for users and MFW staff, your details must be registered to download our lists. Mad Fucking Witches will never share your data with third parties.

How to contact Foes.

All Aussies - get on board.

– The database contains multiple ways to contact businesses on our #WitchWatch ‘FOES’ list. There are email addresses, website contact forms and social media and we ask witches to contact them directly.

– If you need some help with what to say to them. Explain why they MUST stop supporting the ongoing corruption and lack of morals and decency in our society. Our social feeds and the Witches can also help. Join the MFW Coven on Facebook and have a conversation with them.

– If you get a reply to your direct contact and they say they’ll stop advertising, or supporting the LNP, then ‘Report A Business” using our form and our Witchy volunteers will move them to the FRIENDS list. MFW may even do a post on them, encouraging Witches to actively use their business.

– Alternatively, if companies reply that they ‘don’t decide where their advertising goes’ (we’ve heard it before – still don’t believe it) or ‘it’s a free country, I’ll support who I like” let us know that too. You can do that via our Contact Page or via our social media.

– Interact with our social media and watch our Witchdrawal count as it goes up and up.

To Your Brooms

If you care about your own future and that of others, get on board