MFW ‘Warts & All’ Chat with Deanne Carson


We’re proud to bring you this one-hour vodcast with Deanne Carson of  Body Safety Australia, whose groundbreaking work in the fields of body safety and consent are making Aussie kids safer all over Australia. if you have kids, intend to have kids, have grandkids, nephews, nieces or other children in your life or just want to understand more about consent, privilege, sexual crime and what’s going wrong in Australia in how we discuss and educate on these issues, watching this is a must.
Please be aware there’s a Content Warning on this broadcast, which contains swearing (naturally) and discussions of rape and sexual assault.
If you have an interest in consent and the safety of children (and what witch doesn’t?), this is a must-watch vodcast involving a woman who’s one of Australia’s foremost experts in this field. Here it is:
And if you want an update on “Nappygate” and its aftermath, watch for that in the middle of the broadcast.
We’re also looking for suggestions on who you’d like to see as our next vodcast guest. We’ve approached several people and have some amazing possibilities, but also want to hear from you about who you’d like us to feature.
Let’s go.
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