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MFW are collectively calling for all Australians to boycott companies who are now selling Rapid Antigen Tests (RATs) at inflated prices, because we strongly object to any company profiting from the suffering and pain caused by a pandemic.

It’s not just that Scott Morrison refuses to make RATs free that’s the issue, it’s that he refuses to make them free and yet knows that this causes many Australians intense problems in their workplaces, in their need to cross borders, and in needing surgery and other healthcare. And that they have to do this when they cannot find tests and even if they can, millions cannot afford them.

If due to location or mobility issues you cannot boycott a certain company, don’t stress. There are millions of Aussies who can and must #boycott, but DO NOT damage your own life if you can’t.

Please use the contact links of these companies to email, message or DM them to tell them you’re boycotting as they’re #SewerRATS.

We’re only calling #SewerRats those companies charging extortionate prices, or where it’s known they lobbied #Snotty to keep their profits on RATs. That’s why we don’t have supermarkets or some other retailers on lists (yet), if they’re charging a somewhat-reasonable price.

We believe any company other than a very small company which can’t buy in bulk should be charging around $10 or less? And for very small companies, they should be charging $15 or less.

BP Australia

Phone: 1300 130 027.


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Chemist Warehouse

Email Chemist Warehouse

Phone: 1300 367 283

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HiCraft Safety

Phone: 1300 088 089

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Contact HiCraft Safety Online

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My Chemist

My Chemist has no social media, however they are owned by Chemist Warehouse so witches may use their links.

Phone: 1300 367 283.

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Platinum Health Supply

Phone: 03 6407 7001

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Priceline Social Media

Shell Australia Social Media

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Uber Eats

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