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Facebook is where our advertiser witchdrawals are announced first, but they’re generally shared on all platforms including Insta. MFW goes deep into issues and things can get sweary, we’ll admit it, so if you think swearing is worse than racism, sexism, ableism and misogyny, perhaps our Facebook page isn’t the place for you. Twitter is more fast-paced and Witches get to have fun calling out the latest happenings in the news cycle.

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#MurdochFreeWorld Crowdfunding

MurdochFreeWorld Logo across a photo of Rupert Murdoch's mouth with an MFW logo in the corner. In the background are some headlines from NewsCorp "KICK THIS MOB OUT" and "DAN-MADE DISASTER"


Photo of Rupert Murdoch, at the top it says FOX NEWS and below "A billionaire hires millionaires to explain to the middle class that all their problems come from poor people."

Australians Love Medicare


MFW ‘Warts & All’ Chat with Deanne Carson


MFW ‘Warts & All’ Chat with Mona Eltahawy


It just gets worse and worse, witches


It just gets worse and worse and worse and worse, witches. How the fuck do we live in a country where those meant to lead hate women so much?

It’s time, witches. Because We DEFINITELY Need To Talk About NewsCorp.




#SackAlanJones Win!



To Your Brooms

If you care about your own future and that of others, get on board